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Dr Babitha Maturi

Gentle in her posture, soft in her voice and tender in her touch, Dr Babitha is the right person for the job delivering the babies and caring the would be mothers.


Do reach out to us for anything and everything. A simple doubt, a silly thought- Do not hesitate. Reach out to us! There is somebody to answer.

Our story

Dr Babitha Maturi with more than 2 decades of experience in obstetrics across multiple large hospitals focussed in obstetrics puts her in the best position to offer world class obstetric care.

Dr Babitha with her patient centric focus has been the driving force in creating this exclusive blog for pregnant women that addresses issues that are small to reach out to a doctor but big enough to cause discomfort and irritation.


Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes aka diabetes in Pregnancy is a disease that needs effective management for a healthy baby.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Back to ParijathamHealthCare Gestational Diabetes How and What to Do Diabetes in Pregnancy aka Gestational Diabetes is diagnosed during pregnancy. Like other forms of diabetes it affects how cells use…

Pregnancy Care Plan

Know More about the Doctor Book Appointment Now Congratulations! Wo Hoo ! You are Pregnant! You have just entered a phase of your life, every woman dreams of ! It…
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week 37 Cesarian Section

A cesarean section, also called a C-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of the mother or the…
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week 38a Painless Delivery – Epidural

For mothers for the first time, we’re sure you’ll be experiencing mixed feelings of excitement and fear. Once you are pregnant, you’ll start thinking about eating good food and will…
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week36 c Normal – 3rd stage

Stage 3: Delivery of the placenta   After your baby is born, you’ll likely feel a great sense of relief. You might hold the baby in your arms or on…
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week 36b Normal Delivery -2nd stage

Stage 2: The birth of your baby   It’s time! You’ll deliver your baby during the second stage of labor. How long it lasts: It can take from a few minutes…
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week 36a normal delivery

Stage 1: Early labor and active labor   Cervical effacement and dilation The first stage of labor and birth occurs when you begin to feel regular contractions, which cause the…
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week 35b TrueVSFalse

True labor vs. false labor Sometimes you may think you’re starting labor, but it’s just a false alarm. You might feel contractions, but your cervix is not dilating or effacing.…
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week 34b Am i in labour

Signs that labour has begun Know the signs There are several signs that labour might be starting, including: contractions or tightenings a “show”, when the plug of mucus from your cervix (entrance…
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week 35c Contractions

What Contractions Feel Like Many mothers describe contractions that occur in early labor as similar to menstrual cramps, or as severe gas pains, which may be confused with flu symptoms…
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week 29 what to expect

THIRD TRIMESTER The third trimester is the last phase of the pregnancy. Only a few more weeks to go, but this part of your pregnancy can be the most challenging. …
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week 30 weightgain

WEIGHT GAIN DURING THIRD TRIMESTER Rapid changes occur in the growing fetus during your third trimester of pregnancy. Significant changes occur in your body also to support your growing fetus.…
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week 34a vaginal Discharge

VAGINAL DISCHARGE DURING THIRD TRIMESTER IS IT NORMAL ? Increased vaginal discharge is seen during the third trimester due to the pressure of the growing baby on the lower part…
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week 33 Stretch Marks

Stretch marks during pregnancy Though your baby’s not yet born, she’s already leaving her mark on you!  Most of the pregnant mothers start to notice stretch marks on the stomach…
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week 32 Nightmares

NIGHTMARES DURING THIRD TRIMESTER Different types of dreams occur during pregnancy, and maximum amount of dreaming takes place during this period in a woman’s life. Some of the dreams are…
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week 31 Clumsiness

CLUMSINESS IN THIRD TRIMESTER  Many women feel clumsier during the second trimester of pregnancy, which increases gradually, and reaches maximum ,as the baby bumps start to grow. Few others notice…
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week 30 BreastEnlargement

BREAST ENLARGEMENT AND DISCHARGE FROM THE NIPPLES Your breasts will become enlarged and may begin discharging a yellowish substance from the nipples when you are close to your due date. …
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week 35a False Labor

Braxton Hicks contractions are contractions of the uterus that occur during the third trimester of pregnancy.  They are normal and represent contractions that occur as the uterus is preparing to…
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week 29a Baby Movements

BABY MOVEMENTS DURING THIRD TRIMESTER  Baby kicking, punching, and moving is more often felt in the early weeks of the third trimester. Later, as your baby grows larger, you’ll feel…
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week 14 second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy lasts from 13 to 28 weeks, or 4, 5, and 6 months.  It’s the middle phase of pregnancy. You may start seeing your “baby bump”…
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week 13 Weight gain

WEIGHT GAIN IN SECOND TRIMESTER Weight gain in your second trimester will be more than your first trimester.  You will gain between 1 to 1.5 pounds ( 400-600grams )every week. …
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week 28 Vaginal Discharge

VAGINAL DISCHARGE IN SECOND TRIMESTER  There are many possible causes of thick white discharge in the second trimester of pregnancy. Most of the times it is normal, but it could…
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week 27 Urine Infections

UTI DURING SECOND TRIMESTER A UTI is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. The urinary tract removes waste and extra water from the body. It’s made up of 1.Two…
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week 26 Skin&Pregnancy

SKIN CHANGES IN SECOND TRIMESTER Hormonal changes result in a “pregnant glow” for most women.  This is because the change in hormone levels makes your face look flushed.  Some women…
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week 25 RedFlag

ALARMING SYMPTOMS DURING SECOND TRIMESTER OR RED FLAG SYMPTOMS Any of these symptoms could be a sign that something is wrong with your pregnancy.  Don’t wait for your antenatal visit to…
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week 24 Baby Movements

FETAL MOVEMENTS –  QUICKENING The most exciting moments during pregnancy is when you feel those first little flutters of your baby kicking.  These tiny movements reassure you that your baby…
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week 23 Nose bleeds

NOSE BLEEDS DURING SECOND TRIMESTER Nosebleeds are quite common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. At times these can be caused due to dryness inside the nose. They may make…
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week 21 Cramps

LEG CRAMPS DURING SECOND TRIMESTER   Leg cramps are sudden, painful, involuntary, uncomfortable squeezing or contractions of a muscle , that typically affects the calf, foot or both and inner…
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week 20 headaches

In the second trimester, a woman may experience headaches less likely due to hormonal changes, as the body usually gets adjusted to these changes by this stage of pregnancy. But…
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week 19 Nails & Hairs

HAIR AND NAIL GROWTH IN SECOND TRIMESTER Constipation, heartburn and swollen, achy feet, might make you feel like your pregnancy hormones are going to make your life miserable. There are…
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week 18 Belly & Breasts

GROWING BELLY AND BREASTS During the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby continues to grow and develop almost daily and you might experience physical changes, which become obvious and noticeable.…
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week 17 Digestion

DIGESTIVE ISSUES DURING SECOND TRIMESTER The digestive system is a complex network of organs that work together to help your body to break down food and absorb nutrients. It includes…
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week 16 Early Contractions

Early Contractions during second trimester Sometimes, during your second trimester, you might start to feel mild, sporadic contractions. Experienced especially when you are tired or dehydrated, or after sex.  These…
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week 15 Dental Treatment

BLEEDING GUMS DURING SECOND TRIMESTER  Swollen and sore gums, which may bleed, during pregnancy are seen in some pregnant women.  This is also called pregnancy gingivitis or gum disease. Mainly…
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week 18 Backache

BACKACHES IN SECOND TRIMESTER In most of the pregnant mothers, back pains starts around week 18, i.e; early second trimester.  It can persist or sometimes worsen as the second trimester…
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week 12c Second Trimester Checkups

Includes: 1.Antenatal checkups : Done around 16, 20, 24 and 28 weeks.           Detailed history is taken regarding:       Concerns raised during previous visits…
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week 12 – Kegel

You’ve heard Kegels mentioned from time to time, but just what are these exercises, and what do they do? These invisible exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that help support…
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week 11 b -exercise

Exercise in pregnancy The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will…
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week 5 – preg symptoms

First Trimester Of Pregnancy What to expect The first trimester is the earliest phase of pregnancy.  It starts on the first day of your last period and lasts until the…
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week 11 a Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy Most of the pregnant mothers complain of excess vaginal discharge, often throughout the pregnancy. Some get worried as they assume this excess vaginal discharge may be…
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week 10 a – pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy kits may help you establish your pregnancy, but other tests and screening methods are performed  to establish and confirm your pregnancy.  Here are some of the tests and…
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week 10 b – sleeping

Sleeping position during First trimester of pregnancy   Most of the pregnant women are worried about the sleeping position as many advise them . During early pregnancy , that is…
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week 9 c – Nausea vomitings

Morning Sickness Mr and Mrs Raju, reported to our clinic one fine morning with complaints of severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.  Mrs Raju, conceived with treatment ,was 2months pregnant…

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