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Dr Bvsn Raju

An accessible and approachable physician with a clear and simple treatment style.


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Our story

Dr Ramesh Maturi with 2 decades of experience in cancer surgery at the regional cancer centre and an almost  equal amount of time spent teaching future surgeons has the gift of language skills to communicate the most important in the simplest way!

Dr Ramesh Maturi interests extend beyond the clinical into art forms like photography. He has a Executive MBA from Indian School of Business to his credit and an avid Digital health enthusiast. Do check his article on Future of Medicine for a detailed picture of the future!

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Public Health

“VIRUS ,PANDEMIC. INFECTIVITY, QUARANTINE” These are some of few words hitting the news headlines both in the paper and electronic media since last few months . Few of you would be…
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Corona Virus

A 21st century Pandemic About the virus…. Covid19 infection is caused by corona virus which somehow reached humans from an unidentified animal. These group of viruses are known to be…

Fever- Is it bad?

Is fever bad ! Fever other wise known as Pyrexia meaning fire in Greek is one of the commonest physical discomfort  driving people to the doctor for help.  Many of…

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