Leg cramps are sudden, painful, involuntary, uncomfortable squeezing or contractions of a muscle , that typically affects the calf, foot or both and inner thigh.

They often occur at night during the second and third trimester, interfering with your good night’s sleep.

Most likely caused due to the muscle fatigue from carrying around the extra weight around the pelvis and due to Magnesium deficiency .

  • Stretch the affected calf by flexing at the ankle so that your toes are pointed towards your head. Do not point your toes as this may aggravate your cramp.
  • Massage the affected muscle.
  • Apply local heat.

TIPS to reduce cramps

Wear support hosiery, such as compression stocking that are graduated (meaning that they are tighter at the foot and looser near the knee).

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and evening.

Daily soak in a warm bath.

Add Magnesium containing foods to your diet.


Dietary sources of magnesium include whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, legumes, soybeans, nuts, dried fruit, animal protein and seafood.

If the cramps are frequent causing pain and discomfort, consult your doctor and discuss regarding magnesium supplements.

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