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Ask my Doctor, is a product from doctors with years of experience in the health care industry . Over the decades, we have realised what the patients are anxious about, what do they worry about and most importantly what do they want to hear from their doctors.
Many a time, doctors do give a detailed counselling, but still patients seem to have understood, less than 50 % of what their physicians have said or sometimes outright the opposite.
Years of study of medicine often puts challenges for the physicians to talk simple english, making it a problem for the patients to decipher.
Ask my doctor is a conscious attempt of a group of physicians, surgeons and an obstetrician to attempt to simplify medicine and the doctor speak.

Who we are?

Dr Ramesh Maturi is a surgeon with 2 decades of experience in managing from the simplest to most complex cancer surgeries. He is a senior professor at Osmania Medical College with a mutli cultural experience, having studied & worked in USA, UK and France. He also has long expertise in managing patients in public sector facilities and also in the corporate, self paying and insured patient segments.

Dr Babitha Maturi is a obstetrician with a strong interest in Infertility. She has several years of experience in clinical practice and her empathetic nature and perceptive behaviour gives her ability to understand the expressed and unexpressed desires and worries of the patient community.
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Ramesh Maturi

Do let us know, if there is a topic to be covered, or if you need a clarification which our panel of experts will clarify for you !

Ask my Doctor is a portal for Patients.