Sleeping position during First trimester of pregnancy


Most of the pregnant women are worried about the sleeping position as many advise them .

During early pregnancy , that is till 12 weeks, the uterus is still a pelvic organ and has not grown into the abdomen and also of not much weight.

So, sleeping position during first trimester is of not of much worry and Sleeping in any position is generally fine.

But avoid lying on your back for longer periods as there is possibility of hip joint catch due to the relaxation of the joint ligaments by the increasing protesterone hormone.

Changing of position either to the right side or to the left side will be beneficial.

Sleeping on your stomach

If your favorite position is tummy-down, that’s okay until your baby bump makes it uncomfortable or impossible, at which point you’ll have to switch positions but is better you start trying to lie down on your back or to the sides as early as possible.

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