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Dr Srilatha Dwaram

A doctor trained to react in emergent situations, with a passion to treat the most critical.


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Our story

We are a group of Doctors with almost 2 decades of clinical expertise in various specialities. Over the years we realized the shortcomings of the healthcare and the gaps in the care of the patients. We all have a common perspective through our advanced training in Health care management at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

This Corona pandemic has brought into the forefront, the failure in planning, execution and the shortcomings of the priorities of both the Public and Private Sector in health care each with its own pros and cons. This health group has noticed a gap in the delivery of care for Covid Positive and a method to reduce the burden on the existing Infrastructure by rationalisation of admission.


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Corona Pandemic like many other pandemics is an unfortunate event and turned out to be catastrophic inspite of all the advances in modern medicine. Most Corona Patients, we believe do not need active hospital admission and deserve home or quarantine isolation to ensure disease containment while the patient recover from infection through simple treatment and immunity boosting nutrition.

Team Karuna has  noticed this group, being vulnerable psychologically due to isolation and the stigma of the disease and are willingly or unwillingly ending up in hospitals and spending huge amounts of money.Our unique service ensures access to the continuous Doctor monitoring of your health through a near Real Time mobile application and a call centre (8Am – 8Pm).

Our platform ensures a proper evaluation of your suitability for home quarantine and also can warn you of a possible need for hospitalization during home stay.

While in home isolation, through the app we empower you with the necessary information to help monitor yourself .We have teamed up with Physiotherapists and psychologists to deliver tele video care on the same platform. The nutritionist on the panel can effectively add to the menu of service offerings.Through third party associations we allow device sourcing facilitation, medical supplies and ancillaries.


Antenatal Care in Covid

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My Covid Monitor

Corona FAQ

Please check out this page to understand how to manage Corona virus infection and use the chat box to reach out to us!
My Covid Monitor

How Does this work!

How to Use The App. This app will help you stay safe at your home while doctors will be monitoring you from the call centre. Reach us for any doubts…
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Doctor Patient Hima

My father got drenched in rain for 2 hours. A day later, he developed  sudden weakness and body pains with fever. He immediately took a tablet of paracetamol. My father…

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