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Dr Babitha Maturi

An affable, compassionate doctor with several years of experience in helping women live their life full .


Do reach out to us for anything and everything. A simple doubt, a silly thought- Do not hesitate. Reach out to us! There is somebody to answer.

Our story

Parijatham Women wellness clinics is an exclusive gynaecology clinics with a goal to be a single point of contact for all women health issues. We desire to be known as a wellness centre and not a centre for illness.

Dr Babitha Maturi with 2 decades of clinical experience behind her, is well placed to advise us on the nitty gritty of motherhood. Her write ups are illuminating and focussing on the day to day doubts, anxieties and fears.

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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes aka diabetes in Pregnancy is a disease that needs effective management for a healthy baby.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Back to ParijathamHealthCare Gestational Diabetes How and What to Do Diabetes in Pregnancy aka Gestational Diabetes is diagnosed during pregnancy. Like other forms of diabetes it affects how cells use…
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Surgery for the Armpit

Surgery for Armpit – Called axillary dissection by the oncologists. It involves clearing all the nodal and lymphatic tissue in the armpit. The lymph tissue is present along the large…
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Breast Surgery – The Logic Behind

Breast Cancer as we all know is a disease that needs surgery. And again, we all know the surgery involves removal of the breast and in some fortunate women just…

Pregnancy Care Plan

Know More about the Doctor Book Appointment Now Congratulations! Wo Hoo ! You are Pregnant! You have just entered a phase of your life, every woman dreams of ! It…
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week 37 Cesarian Section

A cesarean section, also called a C-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of the mother or the…

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