Congratulations! Wo Hoo ! You are Pregnant! You have just entered a phase of your life, every woman dreams of ! It is a great moment to rejoice. But I am pretty sure, somewhere in your heart of hearts, there is some anxiety. The fear of unknown. Wondering how will you deal with the changes. What could be the challenges? Even I experienced a panic episode.

A rush of thoughts you would experience- “how do i select my doctor?” – What about nutrition? Then you realise  – ” Oh, i need to keep watching my weight.  Now i am reminded, how do i monitor my health.

You are told pregnancy care needs periodic visits to the doctor, get regular tests and vaccinations for a healthy baby. Another question in your mind – “Where will i get all this information. How can i remember all these and do correctly.”

Of course it is common knowledge that there can be vomitings and nasuea in early pregnancy but is there no way we can manage it?  And what about bleeding ? Is it not dangerous? So many questions, so many doubts! 



We hand hold you through  9 months of this journey, we are by your side @ Every Step -reassuring you, monitoring you and ensuring all the tests are done, medicines given appropriately, reminding you at the right moment what to do while we prepare you for the ‘D’ Day!

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