Many women feel clumsier during the second trimester of pregnancy, which increases gradually, and reaches maximum ,as the baby bumps start to grow.

Few others notice that their coordination is affected earlier due to a combination of hormones and fatigue due to extra weight, broken sleep patterns, and stress from upcoming delivery.

However, clumsiness is a super common symptom experienced to varying degrees at some point by most of the expecting women.

The final few weeks of your pregnancy will put the most strain on your body. 


Extra weight and increasing breast size causing back pain

Mild contractions. 

Swelling of your ankles, face, and hands making them puffier than usual. 

Baby pressing down on your bladder so urination becomes more frequent than ever.


Although clumsiness can make simple day-to-day tasks tougher, most pregnancy clumziness is little more annoying. 

Try to avoid falling during pregnancy .

A few tips:

  • Proceed with care. 
  • Slow down, especially in the shower.
  • Don’t wear slippery soles or socks without shoes.
  • keep hallways and stairs clear of objects that might trip you down 
  • Don’t stand on any chairs.

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