During the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby continues to grow and develop almost daily and you might experience physical changes, which become obvious and noticeable.

 Most women who didn’t feel good in the first trimester of pregnancy usually start to feel better in the second. The nausea and vomiting from morning sickness lessen over time. 

You may have more energy and fewer mood swings as your hormones balance out. 

This is a good time to tackle many tasks necessary to get ready for your baby.

As your uterus expands to make room for the baby, your belly grows.

Be prepared to gain weight more rapidly this trimester. This means you may need to start wearing maternity clothes.

Your breasts may not be as tender as they were in the first trimester, but they will continue to grow. Enlarging milk glands and deposits of fat cause the growth. These changes prepare you for breastfeeding.

You may notice that the skin on and around your nipples darkens. You may also have small bumps around your nipples. The bumps are glands that make an oily substance to keep your nipples from drying out.

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