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Dr Ramesh Maturi

A doctor with broad based surgical expertise and a multifaceted personality.


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Our story

Dr Ramesh Maturi with 2 decades of experience in cancer surgery at the regional cancer centre is passionate about surgery. His repertoire spans across various organs and has excellent skill sets in laparoscopy, aka, as band aid surgery or key hole surgery.

Dr Ramesh Maturi interests extend beyond the clinical into art forms like photography. He has a Executive MBA from Indian School of Business to his credit and an avid Digital health enthusiast. Do check his article on Future of Medicine for a detailed picture of the future!


Your Hospital Stay – Day 2

Have we crossed the mountain? Day 2 - We just had our surgery. Many a time we find ourselves in our rooms. Your mother is there by your bedside and…

Your Hospital Stay – Day 1 !

Admission for surgery! The 'D' day! As discussed earlier, it is important we get admitted several hours ahead, may be the night before if it is a intestinal surgery. Early…

Preparing for Surgery ? Step 3

After PAC? What Next! Congratulations! You just crossed a very important mile stone. You meet the minimum requirements to enter the Operation theatre!  Before admission, we have some responsibilities to…

Preparing for Surgery? (step 2)

For surgeons to operate on us, we need to sleep so that they can operate without we moving our body. Also it is important that we should not be experiencing…

Preparing for Surgery ? (step 1)

Surgery! Surgery, is an important method of treatment for patient diseases. Surgery as method is continuously evolving since centuries and continues to be heavily dependent on the individual who is…

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