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Corona FAQ

Please check out this page to understand how to manage Corona virus infection and use the chat box to reach out to us!

How Does this work!

How to Use The App. This app will help you stay safe at your home while doctors will be monitoring you from the call centre. Reach us for any doubts and help.

Karuna app Workflow

Use this post to understand how the Karuna App works and learn how you can reach your doctor and when to upload your vitals data

Keeping clean at Home !

                                                CLEANING AND DISINFECTING What is the difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting ? Cleaning removes germs from surfaces ; Disinfection kills germs on surfaces.Normal soap… Read More »Keeping clean at Home !

Your Hospital Stay – Day 2

Have we crossed the mountain?

Day 2 – We just had our surgery. Many a time we find ourselves in our rooms. Your mother is there by your bedside and your spouse busy getting your medicines for the day in an order. Yes, you just completed your surgery successfully and the proof the light dull ache at the surgery site.

Your Hospital Stay – Day 1 !

Admission for surgery! The ‘D’ day!

As discussed earlier, it is important we get admitted several hours ahead, may be the night before if it is a intestinal surgery. Early admission helps us get acclimatised to the new surroundings. Also, the hospital gets enough time to ensure all the preparatory steps are completed in time.

Preparing for Surgery? (step 2)

For surgeons to operate on us, we need to sleep so that they can operate without we moving our body. Also it is important that we should not be experiencing pain. Both these requirements need anaesthesia (medical sleep).

Future of Medicine

Future of Medicine Take a peek inside our Wonderworld of Future healthcare! OTOSCOPE ULTRASOUND OPTHALMOSCOPE BLOOD TESTS