After PAC? What Next!

Congratulations! You just crossed a very important mile stone. You meet the minimum requirements to enter the Operation theatre! 

Before admission, we have some responsibilities to complete from our end. Depending on the type of surgery doctor would have given us specific preparation instructions. If it is a non intestinal surgery or surface surgery, preparation for surgery is less intense. Focus will be on controlling blood pressure or sugar if we have these issues. Else, we are just given a tablet to ease the bowel movements and probably a sedative for the night before to calm our nerves. In case of a hysterectomy, probably a vaginal pessary to clean up the area of any minor infection. It is always good to go easy on food, as  a light stomach will make us feel lighter post operation.

Intestinal surgeries need a very good preparation of the bowels. They should be clear of any contents to allow easy surgery and less risk of postoperative infections. It is important to take the tablets given to clear the intestines. Also important to be on non solid liquid diet to reduce the contents. Patients being planned for laparoscopy will be advised to avoid milk products to reduce gas content in the intestines as it interferes visualisation during surgery. 

Peglec, is a powder to be taken with water or juice, a litre of fluid over few hours. It will stimulate bowel movements and be prepared to stay at home, as you will need to use the bathroom a lot. Drink of plenty of water too. Sometimes, this is given after hospital admission, and in such a case most of us are given IV fluids to counter any fluid loss.

We need to be very careful in following our surgeons instructions.  Wether it is taking the drugs as advised or monitoring and controlling any medical issues we have like Diabetes or Blood pressure. Looks silly, but it is important to have a good bath before coming. And of course, get all your investigations and documentation unless you want to spend money for repeat tests!

Making arrangements to get any surgical consumables we agreed to procure like hernia mesh, implants etc is important to avoid confusion. 

And it is a very good point to get admitted several hours to a day before surgery as it will help the hospital make necessary arrangements without any undue stress! Also it will give ample time for us to acclimatise to the new environment. After all who likes to be in  a hospital- Isn’t it?

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