What to do if you have tested positive for CoViD 19 ?



  • Stay home.
  • Avoid public places.
  • Rest as much as possible and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Keep monitoring yourself : Temperature every 4 – 6 hrs , Heart Rate , Blood pressure every 8 hours, Oxygen saturation every hour with a pulse oximeter, Glucose levels every day atleast, and every 8 hours if you have been given steroids ( as treatment for CoViD )
  • Watch for Emergency Warning Signs.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor
  • No need to wear a mask or cloth covering your face if you are alone
  • When you meet people, keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 metres
  • Avoid sharing food ; utensils or clothes with household contacts
  • Maintain a bag in the trash can to collect. Throw used tissues / disposable items into the same.
  • If you have to share space with relatives,  stay in well ventilated area, avoid Air conditioner usage.  Allow free air circulation by keeping the windows and doors open as much as possible to allow cross ventilation.

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