Mood swings are a completely normal part of pregnancy, which means you’re normal to be experiencing them. 

It’s no wonder your emotions are so up and down and these all are due to pregnancy hormones.

One minute you’re thrilled about becoming a mother , the next minute, you’re freaking out about becoming a mother.

Often you’re worried about your job, your relationship with your partner, how you’ll handle the financial strain of a baby, how you’ll handle a baby without dropping it or all of the above.

You may be worried about the weight you’re gaining, yet you’re thrilled with your new curves.

These emotional highs and lows are common during the pregnancy course and tend to ease up after the first trimester. 

Fortunately, however, they’re not completely out of your control.

Ways to manage your mood swings:

1.Get an extra hour of sleep

2.Treat yourself to a manicure or prenatal massage,

3.Sign up for a prenatal exercise class 

4.Plan a romantic dinner for two at your favorite restaurant.

5. Try to fill your partner in on your feelings, including your fears, concerns and joys.

6. Eating regular snacks in between meals like protein and complex carbs, like a cheese stick 

    will help steady your emotions.

Learn to laugh at the ups and downs, and if you find your mood swings are interfering with your life, talk to your practitioner.

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