PCOS is a common disorder in women of the reproductive age group. Disruption of regular ovulation of a healthy egg is the main underlying reason for PCOS. There is no known cause for PCOS but there are several facts that surround PCOS.

Unfortunately there are few myths about PCOS. Let’s demyth the myths !

  1. MYTH 1 : PCOS develops with excess weight gain.

     FACT       : PCOS can occur as early as first menses – menarche.

Few develop PCOS in response to weight gain. It doesn’t mean that women with. PCOS are always obese. Women who are underweight can have PCOS as well.

2.   MYTH 2  :  All women with PCOS have the same symptoms .

      FACT     :  PCOS presents differently in different women. Not all women with PCOS presen with same complaints.

 Two or more of the following complaints are seen in women with PCOS:

Severe abdominal cramps during periods

 Weight gain

Irregular cycles

Acne and Hirsutism

Male pattern baldness

3.    MYTH 3 : If you have PCOS, you will be infertile.

        FACT    : PCOS is one of the factor for infertility.

                          Effectively treating the symptoms, balancing the hormones by simple changes in diet and exercise routines and facilitating regular ovulation of a healthy egg by using fertility drugs, fertility can be achieved.

4.    MYTH 4 : If you are not planning for pregnancy, PCOS is no big deal and

                      needs no treatment.

       FACT    : Women with PCOS should take their doctor’s help to get the symptoms under

                         control. If left untreated, serious health conditions develop like :

                         Type 2 Diabetes

                         High blood pressure

                         Increase in blood cholesterol

                         Depression and anxiety disorders

                         Abnormal menstrual bleeding

                         Especially in obese patients, there is risk of developing uterine cancer.

5.     MYTH 5 : If you have irregular menstrual cycles, you have PCOS

         FACT    : Irregular cycles is one of the symptom of PCOS but there are other conditions cause irregular cycles:


                           Thyroid Dysfunction

                           Uterine polyps or Fibroids

                           Intra uterine contraceptive device

                           Breast feeding.

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