10 Ways to Prevent Infertility in Men

Mr TJ, after understanding the fertility paradox in his quest for beauty and safely recovering his sperm, wanted to know more about health tips to prevent male infertility.

I went on explaining Mr TJ that males contribute to in one-third of infertility. There are certain conditions leading to infertility which are beyond our control such as tumours in the testis, other cancers needing chemotherapy, chronic illnesses such as sickle cell disease or cystic fibrosis, disorder in the brain (Hypothalamic or Pituitary) and sperm transport disorders.

I informed that I can give 10 good tips to prevent infertility, which are quite common and easily correctable. Only thing it needs is discipline and will power.

1. Alcohol – Minimise or stop – When taken in excess, alcohol lowers testosterone levels, impairs sperm quality and quantity, and it can lead to impotence too. Hence, ideally stop, and do not exceed 1- 2 units per day average i.e. 2 pegs whiskey, 3 pints beer

2. Drugs – Do not indulge –Steroids, Testosterone, Narcotics, Recreational Drugs, Marijuana, et. change the hormone levels affect the sperm quantity and quality. A big NO to any of these

3. Fertility enhancing food – Highly recommend fertility foods such as green leafy vegetables, carrot, tomatoes, chicken, eggs, banana, citrus foods, almonds, sun flower seeds and dark chocolate. Try to take as many of these items as you can.

4. Hot Water Baths – Not to use – The sperm production by testes is reduced when these come in contact with heat through sauna baths, laptops in the lap, hot tub baths, etc. Stay away from these. Mobiles in trouser pocket is a big NO too.

5. Injury – Injury to scrotum may lead to damage to the testis and hence the sperm. Of course, no one likes to get injured but it is vital to take extra care especially, during sports

6. Sexual intercourse – Timing is of utmost importance. 4. Many couples believe that daily or more than once a day increase the chances of successful pregnancy. This in fact, reduces the quality of sperm, Alternate day sexual intercourse in fertility period is recommended. (Example – from day 10 to day 18 in a woman with a 28-30 day cycle) .

7. Smoking – Stop – Nicotine in cigarette has a big impact on sperm. So, not advisable at all.

8. STIs – Avoid – Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhoea, etc lead to scarring of the male organs thus resulting in infertility. Stay away from unprotected sex.

9. Undergarments – Correct size – Do not wear tight-fitting undergarments. This rises the temperature of the testes which in turn damages the sperm count and infertility.

10. Weight – Maintain around BMI 25, which is a healthy BMI level to improve quality of sperm.

Healthy lifestyle with optimum levels of physical activity and sufficient sleep, yoga and/or meditation are essential, this goes without saying. Infertility is a puzzle. There is always a solution to this puzzle, needs step-wise systematic approach. Mr TJ left the consultation full of knowledge and some decisions on how he can further increase his chances of fathering a baby.

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