Five Reasons for IUI

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI is a simple process where sperms is processed and potent sperms with a high motility rate are injected directly into the womb of the female partner at the time of ovulation. This is like a short cut to sperm’s journey. I’ll explain how. After sexual intercourse, they are deposited in the vagina and swim forwards into the womb. In IUI, they are directly placed in the womb.

Steps before IUI include

1. Tablets and couple of injections to stimulate ovaries

2. 3-4 tracking scans

3. Trigger injection

4. IUI

5. Pregnancy test after two weeks +

IUI is only recommended for couples where the female partner has a good ovarian reserve and fallopian tubes are open. IUI requires the sperms to fertilise the eggs on their own. To do so, the sperm quality and quantity.

Following are the common conditions where IUI has been proven to be beneficial and increase success rate of pregnancy for the couple:

1. Couples who are unable to conceive after regular unprotected sexual intercourse for the last 2 years. And initial assessment has not shown any problems (Unexplained infertility)

2. IUI helps couples where the male partner has borderline sperm count. Healthiest sperms from the semen sample are processed and IUI is done for higher chances of success.

3. In IUI the sperms are made to bypass the cervix. Thus, IUI helps couples where the female partner has issues with the cervix such as cervical erosion.

4. IUI is highly favourable for couples where the male partner has healthy sperms and a good sperm count but complains of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

5. Some women have trouble releasing their eggs. IUI, when clubbed with ovulation stimulation drugs can help achieve pregnancy for such women

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